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Mountain Creek Quilt Shop


Wondering how it works?

From June 1st - August 31st, 2023 you can visit participating shops.
You can find a list of the shops HERE.

What you'll receive when you get there!

Every participating quilt shop is giving away a FREE PATTERN to make their shop's unique 9x36 row! Row by Row patterns are only available for free when you visit the shop in person, however, kits can be purchased when you visit virtually.

Then it's time to SEW!

Create a "Row by Row Quilt" with 8 different rows from 8 different quilt shops! Your quilt will tell the story of your travels and the great quilt shops you found along the way!



Check out our 2023 Row!

Let's go on a "Road Trip"

This year we partnered with 7 other shops located across the United States to make a coordinating quilt with our Row by Row blocks.

From the Mountains of Tennessee to the beaches of Florida all the way to the Nebraska wildlife this beautiful quilt shows off your favorite quilt shop stops along the way! 

This is an excellent way to see the United States and even save a little on gas!


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