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Matilda Summer Stich-a-long: Week 1 & 2

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Matilda Stitch-a-long, our 2020 summer event. We are so excited to be featuring this pattern by a favorite designer, Irene Blanck. Thank you all so much for your interest and participation! I hope you all enjoy yourselves! I will be providing pictures of my blocks from each week. These first two weeks are a little late - I sincerely apologize - but you should expect to find the information you need on each block right here each Saturday night. 

So for Week 1, you were all given background fabrics and two pieces of green. Your task was to make enough 4-patches for 3 full Matilda blocks. Now, I did NOT anticipate that there would be confusion about this and I can totally understand where it came from! Haha! The whole quilt is full of 4-patches! 
Essentially, you cut 48 squares of background and then assembles those into your patches. 

There are two methods for this: 

1.) If you are concerned about block shrinkage while you hand stitch or machine applique your blocks down, you will want to cut your BG (background) squares to 4". Then you'll assemble 4 patches. Your goal here is to have 12 - 7.5" four patch blocks prepared for applique. These blocks will be trimmed to 6.5" AFTER you applique your flowers in the coming weeks.

2.) If you are NOT concerned about block shrinkage while you applique, you will want to cut your BG squares to 3.5". Then you will assemble those squares into 3 - 12.5" sixteen patches. 

I will be transparent here - when I started working on my first Matilda block, I did not have the pattern written by the designer. She was still working on it for us. All I had was the sketch of the flowers. So I did NOT think about how smart and handy it would be to cut my BG to 4", do the applique, and THEN trim before assembling the block. Looking back, my response is DUH! That makes sense. Please have no fear if you have already cut all your squares to 3.5" and assembled the 16 patches using that method - the shrinkage that occurs will be pretty consistent with all of your blocks and you will still be able to match seams at the end. 

Below are some of my 4 patch blocks. You'll see I've started playing with layout of flower fabrics (that is part of week 2!)

So again - you should end up with 12 four patch blocks OR 3 sixteen patch blocks. Boy, I hope I'm clear. :)  

Common Questions:

Q: I have extra fabric, do I need to save that for later?   A: No, you don't need to save any extra fabric. You will be provided with more background fabric when the time comes. If you'd like to save fabrics just in case there is a piece in the future that you just don't like and you could use a previous fabric to replace it, well that makes sense to me! And I would not be offended. I saw some beautiful posts this past week of people who have chosen to add their own backgrounds to their blocks. Make it your own! 

Q: Will we get more green fabric?  A: Yes! You will get more green the next time we make more background blocks. So the green you were provided should cover stems and leaves for 3 - 12.5" blocks. 

Q: Can I have extra fabric?  A: Yes! We will have extra fabric sets available each week. These will be available as bundles of fat 1/8ths. Because we sometimes use complete bolts to put in the kits, there may occasionally be replacement fabrics in the extra fabric bundles. They are pieces that I would be happy to use myself. I'm not a fan of unloading junk fabric - I only make pretty quilts and kits! 

Week 2: 

In your week 2 package you received 5 fabrics - 4 colors for flowers and 1 piece for baskets.  Out of each color piece, I cut 3 half moon shapes and 3 circle shapes. Out of the basket color, I cut 4 triangle basket shapes. 

This should be the end product of week 2! Please note: this block was made with a blue fabric that disappeared out of our control. That blue had to be replaced for our kits. I am in the process of remaking my block with the same blue that you all received and I'm super pleased with how it turned out! 

It's soft and sweet, which is the whole essence of this quilt. 

I am providing a schedule of the weeks so that you know exactly what is going on. If you'll look at the cover of your Matilda pattern, you'll see that there are 9 of these 12.5" squares that make up the quilt top. Well, this is a 12 week program, so we had to fill the spare 3 weeks somehow! I think we were clever and the pace of the sew-a-long is nice and steady, not overwhelming. 

06/06 Week 1: Backgrounds and greens for blocks 1, 2, and 3.
06/13 Week 2: Flowers and baskets for block 1
06/20 Week 3: Flowers and baskets for block 2
06/27 Week 4: Flowers and baskets for block 3
07/04: BREAK WEEK FOR THE 4th of JULY! Shop will be CLOSED. Party!
07/11 Week 5: Backgrounds and greens for blocks 4, 5, and 6
07/18 Week 6: Flowers and baskets for block 4
07/25 Week 7: Flowers and baskets for block 5 *Shop will be CLOSED this day, please plan on picking up your block the following week. Mailed blocks will still go out on time*
08/01 Week 8: Flowers and baskets for block 6
08/15 Week 9: Backgrounds and greens for blocks 7, 8, and 9
08/22 Week 10: Flowers and baskets for block 7
08/29 Week 11: Flowers and baskets for block 8
09/05 Week 12: Flowers and baskets for block 9 AS WELL AS binding. 

Thank you all for your time and patience with me while I get back on schedule! We've been so blown away by the excitement and response for our summer stitch-a-longs. If you still have any questions, the BEST way to contact me (Sam) is through the *shop* Facebook page or by phone call while we are open. 

Note our shop hours: 
Closed Sunday - Tuesday
Open 11am - 3pm Wednesday - Saturday 

Pro-tip! We have experienced very high volumes on Wednesdays and Saturdays. If you are looking for one on one help with a project, we recommend visiting on Thursday or Friday. 

Enjoy your stitching, my friends! We'll chat again, right here, next Saturday evening.