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Summer Stitch-a-long: The Aunt's Quilt Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of the Aunt's Quilt! 1/3 of the way through the quilt, unbelievably! 

If you don't have Facebook, you may have missed my message about my mess up on Block 1. I placed my flowers upside down on my background 'triangle.' The stem should be pointed toward the flat edge of the triangle, NOT toward the point of the triangle. The pattern paper shows an arrow pointing to which direction is up. Many of you followed the pattern paper and I am so relieved! I am just a human, I guess, full of flaws just like the next person. ;) 

This week I needed a bit of a reprieve from the large amount of applique in the middle blocks, so we're working on two more setting triangle appliques. You will use the rest of the text print background that you were given in Week 1 for the background. 

Check them out! 

Why are my birds facing different directions? The method of applique that I use (Freezer Paper/Starch) requires me to reverse my images before tracing on the Freezer Paper. I haven't done that with any block, yet and I've gotten away with it for the most part because the images have been mostly symmetrical. So with this block I did one bird without reversing and one bird reversed - on purpose! I like a little variety. So you can keep your birds flying the same way or make them fly different ways, it's entirely up to you!

This week's pieced block is very purple! 

I'm really pleased with these Jen Kingwell fabrics and I am so excited to see this quilt finished! Not yet, though, I'm still having to much fun making it!