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Mountain Creek Quilt Shop

Summer Stitch-a-long: The Aunt's Quilt Week 2

Here we are in week 2! Hopefully most of you have gotten your first block and had time to start the adventure with me. We were really excited to have so many sign-ups again this year. Compared to last year's summer stitch-a-long, this one is a bit more time consuming but not in the least bit less fun! I'm really enjoying playing with Jen Kingwell's Lollies. It's fun to decide where each print will be used in my applique block. I'm looking forward to seeing some finished applique blocks (or at least prepped) from you guys - very interested to know if you'll be following my lead in fabric placement or if you'll be getting creative with it and doing your own thing. There are no rules, except have fun! 

So without further ado, here are this week's blocks: 

Remember, remember that the applique blocks are set on point! I had about 4 pieces glue basted before I realized I was doing it wrong. Learn from my mistakes. ;) Also, I cut my background square a bit larger than what the pattern calls for because the process of applique shrinks the square. So after I have my block appliqued and fully stitched down, I will trim to the actual size. We've given you enough background fabric in each kit to do this, too. 

For your applique blocks, if you want to use a bias tape maker for your stems we've just restocked our 3/8" bias tape maker! It says "fusible" and you certainly CAN use a fusible tape with it, but you don't have to. You can click the image below and it will take you to the product on our website so you can order one for yourself! 

Please feel free to call the shop with any questions about the Summer Stitch-a-longs. You'll want to ask for Sam. The others know a lot, too, but since I'm making this particular block I might have inside knowledge they don't know about. Side note: I'm off on Mondays so you won't be able to reach me then, but I'll be happy to talk any other day of the week. (865) 856-0805