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Summer Stitch-a-long: The Aunt's Quilt Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of our 2019 Summer Stitch-a-long. This year we're working on the Aunt's Quilt by Gina Gregory. The quilt was originally designed as a project for Jen Kingwell's quilt store, Amitie Textiles in Australia. We are very excited to have discovered it for ourselves! As you know, we'll be changing the color palette to add more contrast between the applique, piecing, and backgrounds. I love a good black and white against brights! For the appliques, we'll be mostly using Jen Kingwell's Lollies which are fabrics printed with 8 different prints so you get a great variety! 

Each week we'll make one pieced block and one (or two smaller) applique blocks. If it's an applique for the border, you'll make 2 of it. 

Let's start with the pieced block this week! In the pattern you'll find cutting instructions for machine piecing, but you'll also find templates for hand piecing if you so desire. Below is a picture of my first block so you can reference fabric placement. With the fabric we've given you, you'll be able to place the flying geese in any order you choose. Or do it just the same as mine! The choice is yours.

This was a fun block to make and pretty self explanatory. My only note is that the pattern says to press open and I don't do that. I pressed my geese toward the black. I try to avoid pressing open as much as possible.

Moving on to the applique! This week we're starting with two small appliques for the quilt's border. The background print I choose for this part of the quilt is directional, so you'll need to take care to place your flowers just like mine. Unless of course you don't mind upside down words or wild running stripes. This is your quilt so do I encourage you to make as many personal choices as you want! For mine, I have taken care to make sure that when the border is finally pieced, all of the text in the background will be running the same direction. Here are my two blocks: 

You'll find in the pattern it says "cut 2 - 21 1/2" squares and then cut them diagonally in half twice." In this week's block you were only given enough to cut one square. You'll get more later when we make more blocks. I highly recommend NOT cutting your square into triangles, yet. I simply folded my square and finger pressed the lines to use a guides for placing my appliques. I do this instead of cutting the triangle because I don't want to handle bias edges while I'm working on my hand applique. The picture below shows my finger pressed diagonal lines AND one line through the middle of one triangle. This line helps me place my applique in the middle of the triangle. Notice how I make sure my flower stem lines up on the middle of that line.

Speaking of flower stems! You'll notice in your first packet that you get two fat quarters of green - one dot and one stripe. Ideally, you would use a bias tape maker to make all the stems but goofy me choose a stripe already on diagonal. If we used the bias tape maker for that our stripes would be straight and that's a little less appealing to me. So I will use the bias tape maker with the dot fabric and just use freezer paper templates with the stripe. For me, all curved stems will be dots and all straight stems will be stripe. 

My last bit of advice! If you have extra time during the week, I suggest prepping some of the scallops for the border. If we make about 7 each week, we'll have enough for the border by the end. I would show you mine, but.... I didn't make them yet! Silly girl. But you will find extra fabric in each week to prep these. 

I hope this covers any question you might have! I'm off to start on next week's blocks. 

Enjoy! xoxo, Sam!