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Mountain Creek Quilt Shop

Week 11 and 12 of "Meadow"

Yikes, y'all! I missed a week blog post again. I went on vacation last weekend to the Great Smoky Mountains, saw a real bear just feet away (from a safe spot on the balcony), and then became SOOO sick. For me, vacations and illness go hand in hand. But I'm better now and I just simply can't believe that the end of Meadow has come. Several people have contacted us about what our next project like this will be and we are on the look out for the next perfect, happy quilt! So stay tuned for that! 

Flowers 21 and 22:

Those were definitely two of my favorite flowers. If you're doing the BOW with us, you'll notice the fabrics got very mixed up in the bags. We tried our best to keep it in order, but you know....Murphy's Law. You should also notice that you have an extra piece (or two, I can't remember) that I didn't use in my flowers. I just sent it to add to your fabric stash for the half squares. I did this in the flower 23 and 24 packs, too. 

Flowers 23 and 24:

Let's be honest...that peach flower with the flame-like petals was not easy. I purposefully chose a fabric that would have low contrast against the back so that if your peaks and valleys aren't perfect, it will be less noticeable. I had to make my valleys less deep that the original pattern, because it was simply impossible for me to get a point that deep. So this is your official permission slip to make it your own, do what you can! There are no rules saying it has to be exactly like the pattern. There are no quilt police! 

It's time now to really get to work on all of those HSTs - I'm really looking forward to this. I know it's a big job, but let's keep encouraging each other to work on them. We all have UFOs, but what a shame it would be to put these flowers away and not finish the quilt! 

Speaking of finishing, I've helped a few people pick out their backing and binding and while you may already have yours I still wanted to share a couple ideas I had! Below will be pictures of fabric and if it speaks to you, click on it and put 3.5 yards in your shopping cart! Easy as that. :) 

Butterfly Dance Pink

Gradients from Moda

Or any Kaffe Fassett Collective fabric would be ideal as well! The possibilities are endless. Spend some time browsing around our site and I bet the perfect back and binding will jump out at you. :) 

I will continue to post on the Friends of Mt. Creek Quilt Shop Facebook group, sharing my progress stitching the flowers down and working on the HSTs. I hope you'll join the group if you haven't already and post with me. I'd love to see 60 finished Meadow Quilts by the end of the year (we can do it!) 

Until next time, friends. Thanks for being the best group of sew-a-long sewers EVER! 

-Sam @ Mt. Creek