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Mountain Creek Quilt Shop

Week 9 and 10 of "Meadow"

I'm finally sitting down to write after a whirlwind of a couple weeks. We have rearranged the shop and put the fall fabrics front and center, I have been in the middle of a move myself, and ....okay, well those are my only two excuses. I apologize sincerely for the delay in getting these images to you. And for mixing up flowers 17 & 18 with flowers 19 & 20! But we're all sorted out now and back on track. 

You'll notice that three of these blocks are set on point. I got smart and printed stickers to put on the fabric pack so you will know when to set it on the corner. Reminder, that means make your stem longer!  

This is the blue flower that you will want to put on the corner if you did NOT put flower 9 on the corner.

It's very possible that you'll find an extra piece of fabric in one of your packages. This piece is just an extra for you to use in your HSTs or however you please!

(Notice that pretty green velvet in the background of the last two flowers! It's my new couch and I'm so in love!)

We only have two weeks left now and I'm both amazed that I mostly kept up with making these flowers each week and sad that it will be ending soon. What shall we sew next? 

For now, I'm sipping something cold while watching Guernsey (again) and enjoying a quiet evening. I'll meet you back here next week with two more pretty flowers! 

Sam @ Mt. Creek