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Mountain Creek Quilt Shop

Week 8 of "Meadow"

Flowers 15 and 16! We still have more people joining us for this BOW and I can't wait to see all the pretty finished Meadow Quilts. This week I made a corner flower and you will find a note that specifies that in the bag. For some, this may be the first corner flower. I did a blue flower earlier on (block 9) on point, but did not send a note in the bag. I assumed that everyone was reading this newsletter/blog - and you know what they about assuming! So, if you haven't set any flowers on point yet, don't worry - I will let you know when the next good blue flower to set on point comes around. I've got your back. 

When you make this orange flower, please make sure you make that stem extra long for the corner. The stem from the blue flower is from a previous week - it's not a print we can use in the HST so I figured it was safe to use it again. Feel free to mix it up, use one of the extra black fabrics, instead. Make it your own. Or make it just like mine - there is no shame in that! 

I'm so happy that you're all still enjoying this project and sharing it with your friends. What a great way to spend the summer!

See you next week, 
Sam @ Mt. Creek