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Mountain Creek Quilt Shop

Row by Row Experience and our 2018 Winner!

We are right in the middle of summer and it definitely feels like it! I'm just about over the heat, but it's nothing a few days at the lake can't fix. Swimming, and s'mores, and watermelon - classic summer treats. And if you're a quilter, the Row by Row Experience is another fun summer treat! 

Row by Row is a shop hop involving thousands of shops in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Unlike other shop hops, there is no fee or passport to buy! You simply walk in a shop and say "I'm rowing!" and you'll be directed to that shop's Row by Row display. Each participating shop designs a unique row or block based on a central theme (the pattern is free to rowers, one per rower). The theme for 2018 is "Sew Musical." Row by Row started on the Summer solstice and continues through September 4. During that time, people collect rows from their favorite shops or new shops they've never visited before. It's a fun way to explore new shops and support your local ones. 

If you are interested in winning, there is a fun way to do it! If you collect 8 rows and put them together in a quilt; have it quilted, bound, and put a label on it; and then be the first to turn in your quilt to a participating shop, you win 25 fat quarters. There is a bonus prize awarded by the shop if you have included their row in your quilt. 

You can read more about the Row by Row Experience on their website:

This year we designed a row of records featuring labels with fun, sewing puns. I embroidered the labels, but they would be just as cool inked with fabric pens. 

The coordinators of Row by Row wanted the experience to be about more than just shopping and sewing, so they created the 9th Row. The 9th Row is a special row designed to give back to the community. Shops that participate in the 9th Row make a donation to the chosen charity - the year the donations will go to UNICEF - and then they are able to create kits for the 9th Row for their shop. The proceeds from the 9th Row kits are donated to the shop's chosen charity. This year, we have chosen to donate to our local Greenback Food Pantry. This is especially important to us because organizations like the food pantry tend to get looked over during months that aren't holidays. We all feel pretty generous and giving during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we sometimes forget the in between months. So this is a great way to support our own neighbors. This year's 9th Row features sweet song birds on a clothes line with two 3-D mini quilts hanging out to dry. 

We are happy to announce that we have had our winner! Tanya worked so hard to create a very meaningful quilt inspired by her friend George Jones. This quilt includes fabrics that she used in the quilt she made for him while he was living. How cool to have known a legend like George Jones! The quilt also features possum fabric (he was called "The Possum") and a very special picture of Tanya and George together. We were proud to have her as our winner! You can stop by the shop to see her quilt in person. 

Pretty cool quilt, am I right?

You can see more winning Tennessee quilts on the Tennessee Row by Row Experience Facebook Page
If you're not in Tennessee, but want to get your hands on our row or our 9th Row kit, you can click on the pictures above to order yours! The 9th Row can ship now, our "Top Hits" row is available for pre-order and will ship in November (per RxR rules).

Enjoy the second half of your summer! Get out and row. 

-Sam @ Mt. Creek

p.s. I'll give you $5 if you can guess what I'm about to work on. If you guessed "Meadow" flowers, you're correct! Ha!