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Mountain Creek Quilt Shop

Week 5 of "Meadow"

Woah, I'm running late! I'm trying to find that balance between taking full advantage of the summer and really making memories with my 4 year old and still getting my work done. Some days are better than others - ha! Last week we had a field trip to the zoo, an ice cream festival, and a big shopping trip for baby showers and birthdays. So thank you all for being patient while I got these pictures uploaded for you to reference. I know a few people are using the fabrics in different places and not making them identical to mine, that's exciting! We'll all have unique quilts in the end.

The second flower here, the lighter blue, will set on a corner so I basted my flower on an angle. (No, I didn't. They're actually not basted yet - but they will be!). If you have already made this flower and did not set it on point, don't fret. Just remember to choose a different blue tone flower to set on point later on. Note, on the leaf with the otter: some members may not be able to fussy cut the same element out of that fabric, but there are other wonderful fussy cut parts that you can use in it's place. If you have your heart set on the otter and you can't get it out of the piece you were given, let me know - I held on to my extra just in case. Another note to make is that these two flowers have the same background. If you are doing this as a BOW with us, your two actually have different backgrounds. I thought I had extra fabric at home, but I was mistaken. So there are my two mistakes this summer, I promise not to make any more. 

So, now that we've made red, orange, yellow, green, and blue flowers it's time for me to carefully choose the next 7 weeks. I will be making sure we get the full spectrum of colors and shades so that the half square triangle centers work really well. 

Thank you again for not firing me for not having this written on Sunday. My mom kept Harlie last night and I am now all caught up on all the important things! Enjoy your week, ta-ta for now!

-Sam @ Mt. Creek