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Mountain Creek Quilt Shop

Welcome Back, Christmas Room!

Surely we aren't the only ones slightly obsessed with Christmas and Winter - right? When it comes to Santas and snowflakes and poinsettias, we have a really hard time saying no. And seeing as we are halfway through the year, we decided it was time to bring back the Christmas room! We heard several of our customers say they love the new layout of the shop, but they missed the Christmas room. We listened! Merry Christmas! 

It may seem so early to bring out the Christmas, but if you're over the age of ~22 then you are familiar with how fast time can pass (I think 22 is about when I started to understand what everyone was talking about when they said time flies). If you plan on making Christmas quilts or Christmas gifts, now is a great time to get going so you can beat the mad rush to finish in December.

There is so much to see in this room and it's just the very beginning of when seasonal projects and goodies start coming in. So here is a little tour via pictures. I suggest turning on some holiday jingles while you browse to really get you in the spirit. 

(If you see something in the picture that you love, you can click on the picture and it will guide you there! Or you can stop in and see us and we'll help you find what you're looking for.)

We LOVE this Pearfection Quilt from Eye Candy Quilts! The borders will eventually be scalloped, but we were too excited to get it hanging on the wall! This doesn't have to be a Christmas quilt at all - change up the colors and you have an all season quilt! I have a big wall in my kitchen that this should hang on...just saying! And if you don't have a big wall, you can make the mini version of this quilt - Fierce Pearfection Mini Quilt. 

This pillow on the shelf is a favorite! The pattern is called Sleigh Ride, by Buttermilk Basin (of course!). And we love the softness of Amy Sinibaldi's line from Art Gallery called, Little Town. It's perfect for quilts or stockings for little ones!

Christmas Bowl fillers are so much fun! Now we even have the Chrismutts Bowl Fillers for dog lovers and the Meowy Christmas Bowl Fillers for cat lovers! 

We always love Christmas lines from Cori Dantini! 

Merrie Christmas from Buttermilk Basin is a gorgeous wool applique quilt. We did it as a block of the month and now we have kits! 

And that just scratches the surface! I hope you enjoyed the pictures - I had more to share, but there's a little girl looking for bedtime cuddles so I must go for tonight. Thank you for reading and for being the best crowd of quilters there is! 

-Sam @ Mt. Creek