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Mountain Creek Quilt Shop

Week 3 of "Meadow": Mellow Yellow!

Hello all! Happy first day of July (my birthday month!). We had several rainy and stormy days this week so when I picked the fabrics for this week's flowers I needed something extra sunny - that's why I went with Yellow! Two years ago I would've told you that yellow is the only color I don't like and now it's my favorite! I love all the hues and shades of yellow. Here are blocks 5 and 6. I hope you love them as much as I do. 

I live in the city (Knoxville) and I don't really have a yard for growing a garden, so I have grown my garden on my back porch in the past. This year I really slacked. I let my Dianthus die and I also killed a Calla Lilly. I didn't even plant tomatoes this year like I have in other summers - probably spared a poor tomato plant from an untimely death. So I'm really happy that I have these applique flowers to work on...they require no upkeep! Ha! 

Reminder to our customers: we will be closed Monday - Wednesday to celebrate the Fourth of July. When we re-open on Thursday we will be welcoming the return of our Christmas room! We're in the second half of the year now and if you plan on making quilts for Christmas or gifts, it's probably time to start! I'll share some pictures of the room in another blog. Look for it later this week! 

Enjoy your Fourth of July!