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Kicking off our Summer Stitch-a-long! Week 1

The Meadow Quilt Block of the Week 

Hi, y'all! I'm sitting on my porch enjoying this Sunday eve with a glass of cold lemon water and watching Harlie play with chalk and ride her scooter. Luckily the temperature is at least bearable once the sun goes down so we can get in some out door play time during the summer. 

This past Friday was the kick off to our Summer Stitch-a-long/Block of the Week. This summer we are working on the Meadow Quilt from 
Michele McKillop for Jen Kingwell Collective. The quilt includes applique and simple piecing. The colors we are using are in ours are very similar to those used in the original quilt. I like the way they reflect the vibrancy and colors of the summer season. 

Meadow Quilt

hese flowers are set on 9" squares, so you can imagine they are pretty large. The applique process goes so fast! I use the freezer paper starch method and had my flowers done in no time. If you're not in to hand work, these flowers would look great just done with raw-edge applique as well. I'm loving having these happy flowers to work on inside when the day gets too hot! Here are flowers 1 and 2 for the first week. I haven't stitched them down yet (that's why you can see my flags on the points), but I will be doing that just as soon as I'm done with this newsletter (and putting the little one to sleep)! 

So each week, after I make my flowers, I use the extra fabric to pre-cut the squares for my HST(half square triangles). I just cut one square from each fabric and that will be more than enough to choose from in the end. That way I don't have an overwhelming amount of cutting to do at the end of the summer when I'm ready to put the quilt together. The kits that you will receive each week will have enough fabric for you to mix and match where you put your fabrics for the appliques, so if you don't want it just like mine you can get creative on your own! Keep your extra fabrics together and you can keep mixing and matching through out the summer (you'll have enough, even after cutting your square for the HSTs).

It's not too late to sign up if you haven't already! The BOW is a 12 week program for $11.99 each week. We do ship! And this particular BOW has no additional shipping charge (say what!?) It includes all the fabric for the applique flowers and backgrounds and there will also be plenty for the half square triangles. The only extra fabric you would need is one yard of the black and white polka dot. Oh! I mustn't forget - if you would like to pay for your entire BOW in advance there is a discount! It is only $130 total if you pay up front - that's more than a week FREE! Give us a call if you want your name on the list! (865) 856-0805